This is such a great video from Hasan Minhaj. While the title is clickbait, it’s a great video/explainer on Cricket. Regardless of your interest in sports, everyone should watch this…

I think what people need to understand is this;

1/ the IPL (India Premier League) completely changed Cricket and gave it the rocketfuel it needed to grow globally, massively.

2/ over 1 billion players watched India and Pakistan play in the world cup, that’s 9x the Superbowl.

3/ They say in Sri Lanka Cricket is only second to religion. In fact, Sri Lanka has arguably the 3rd largest fanbase…

This is incredible. Unikrn was founded in 2014, but 2019 is our first year operating with our own IOM license. To be named the esports operator of the year so fast just goes to show what good planning, innovative thinking and an exceptional global team can do.

Why is Unikrn better than the rest? It’s simple: it’s our culture, it’s our people, it’s our ingenuity. Unikrn is building more than a wagering operator; Unikrn is building a lifestyle brand. From shopping to betting to watching to gaming, there’s something at Unikrn for any gamer.

That single-minded devotion to our community…

UnikoinGold Added to Specialty Exchange LUPEX

The mission of UnikoinGold has always been to create a single crypto to create seamless utility for gaming, esports and betting. This year, we’ve noticed an uptick in the demand for these kind of experience, both on and off Unikrn.

Case in point: LUPEX. Spawn in 2019, LUPEX is an exchange built with gamification in mind, they’re excited about rewarding crypto the way Unikrn rewards gaming with Unikrn Connekt.

It made sense to everybody on both sides to put our compatible missions together, and I’m extremely pleased to say LUPEX is adding UnikoinGold to…

Deposit in to Unikrn with top Crypto and bet with UKG!

Unikrn esports betting just became the most accessible crypto betting platform on Earth. After months of partnered development, I’m proud to say Unikrn’s crypto wallet now has some of the most robust functionality in blockchain.

Using the new Unikrn wallet, you can deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and many others (even Dogecoin — wow so much Fortnite) for secure holding, and automatically convert any deposited crypto into UnikoinGold for use in esports betting, casino play, Unikrn UMode or online shopping with applicable partners.

Then, when you’re done using your crypto and want to bring it back to an exchange, Unikrn wallet…

Loeya is a popular Fornite Streamer, she’s super entertaining and fun to watch

Over the last week Unikrn launched the most advanced wagering products for esports and video games ever. The press has been very good, and we’re getting lots of inbound interest from major betting operators around the world.

We launched Streamer Betting, where customers can bet on their favorite Twitch (or YouTube Gaming) Streamers, live, using any type of currency from crypto to fiat.

We also launched a betting game that allows for 247/365 virtual betting on historic esport match-ups. …

Next week, Unikrn is updating with three experiences foundationally rooted in esports, furthering accessibility in the always-now culture of esports and gaming. With this launch, Unikrn is guaranteeing our members have access to singular experiences every second of every day.

Sports have a hard cap on content hours due to travel, fatigue, and players on court. Games like Fortnite have no such limits: on average, there are over 10,000 individual channels streaming unique Fortnite content at any given time. …

When we co-founded BIG in 2017, we believed in the spirit of an all-German CS:GO team. Unikrn has substantial staff in our Berlin offices, and we wanted a home team for them. We could have sponsored an established team, but we wanted to build something for fans, and we wanted to be instrumental in building the careers of the players we support.

Unikrn helped a team many doubted. We provided the environment, resources and time to become a two-time major legends team. In fact, Unikrn still owns a significant stake of BIG due to our initial investments.

However, we know…

At the turn of 2018, Unikrn had just finished building the foundations of our community platform. We celebrated New Year’s Eve 2019 with our first work alongside Bittrex. Our customers are all earning tokens for playing games that they know and love, and we’re giving them multiple ways to redeem them on the platform.

In December, we launched UMode, a skill-based betting experience currently for MOBAs and Battle Royales. Within a month we generated users from almost every market we opened up, all without a dime of advertising.

I was reading Pomp’s tweet earlier today and I was struck that he missed one minor thing :).

I love reading his Twitter, and highly recommend it to any of you who want to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency… But man we gotta start supporting some amazing projects, the ones who are currently buried, and emerging, from underneath a pile of rubble. It’s time to unearth us, and help us tell the story!

Last week Unikrn had our biggest launch in our 4 year history. We are now the first and only live betting company in the world to…

I’m so excited to announce that we have been granted an Isle of Man license with regulatory approval for both crypto & real money betting that will span across 3 continents, and we are proud to announce that we have ready-to-launch product that wildly surpasses anything yet existing in esports and sports betting or in online gambling.

Beginning rollout today, we are launching the world’s first and only blockchain-based live wagering backend with regulated real-money and crypto betting. This includes:

  • Live Spectator Betting: Regulated UnikoinGold crypto and real money betting on esports in much of Europe, South America and Southeast…

Rahul Sood

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12

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