Esports Meets Cryptocurrency

The UnikoinGold Token Sale

As gaming fans have flocked online to watch leading gamers play, the rapidly growing esports market has expanded from $194M in 2014 to what will be an estimated $1.2B in 2019. Growing in tandem is the demand for esports-related wagering products. All told, fans wagered nearly $6B on esports matches and esports-themed games of chance in 2017, a number projected to rise to nearly $20B by 2020.

My company Unikrn is at the center of this growing market. In nearly three years, we have turned our data into the most comprehensive esports sportsbook on Earth. We have developed both skill and spectator based betting technologies. We have created our own tournament series. We have taken stakes in esports organizations. We have even created our own content studio where we create original video and written esports news and analysis.

We also own LEET, which helped to stand up the first of many esport friendly casinos in Las Vegas and beyond. We also power online wagering for esports as a fully licensed and regulated esportsbook.

In other words: in the last three years, Unikrn has become essential to the fabric of the esports community.

The Unikoin, a token we built nearly two years ago, has already turned over more than 250,000,000 throughout our platform. We created the Unikoin for our customers to play and engage on our platform as we measure the efficacy of new markets and new products.

Unikoins have become so popular that our customers have asked us for new value experiences wherein they can use their Unikoins with even more utility.

This sets the stage for what’s next

We see that the rapidly growing esports market is about to collide with another incredible growth market and megatrend, namely Ethereum and blockchain. Thanks to one of our major investors, Mark Cuban, we started taking a close look at blockchain in early 2016. We believe that blockchain is going to shake the banking industry and become a new standard in our business. By using Ethereum and blockchain we can expand our business more efficiently.

With blockchain, we don’t need to worry about dealing with multiple banks and multiple currencies. We can manage AML and KYC with more transparency and better controls as blockchain transactions all occur on an open ledger. These are the first of many reasons why Unikrn began work several months ago with CoinCircle to tokenize our business and allow our community and others to buy our own ERC20 token: UnikoinGold.

In early September, we’re opening the Presale of our Token Sale. You can read our Whitepaper and register to participate in the token sale at

A Token Sale For An Established Company

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last six months, you’ve caught wind of the buzz around ICOs and token sales.

The ICO market has experienced meteoric growth in the last year to over $1.8B in funding since May of 2016. The companies launching ICOs have ranged from early stage startups to brand new startups (with zero product) raising tens of millions of dollars.

We’re taking a different approach — we’re tokenizing our existing business. Unikrn has a great product and a vibrant and growing esports community. What’s more, we have an existing token that we’re selling and moving onto the blockchain. That makes us unlike most of the companies doing token sales today.

We won’t be taking the funds from our sale and trying build something from scratch, hoping to attract users and get adoption. This isn’t an investment; it’s a purchase of a product that we developed that has utility on our platform and ours users love and demand. We already have users and adoption, and now the UnikoinGold token will unlock even more functionality and value for our community.

As our Whitepaper outlines, Unikrn’s core platform and products include esports wagering and non wagering experiences. We have beautifully crafted skill-based gambling and spectator-based gambling products, with new Unikoin exclusive versions to be released later this year. Unikrn’s esportsbook offers one of the widest selections of gambling markets on professional esports matches and tournaments in the world.

Unikrn’s raffle products offer UnikoinSilver and UnikoinGold holders the opportunity to participate in raffles to win prizes (ranging from in-game items such as skins, to gaming hardware and accessories from world-class manufacturers).

There are also more premium features for UnikoinGold holders such as premium content and applications. We’re building exclusive raffle rooms with experiences only available to users who purchase golden entry tickets with UnikoinGold. We will give our community the ability to earn UnikoinGold and UnikoinSilver for their participation in various applications. Unikrn also intends to allow our community to tip professional esport personalities using UnikoinSilver and UnikoinGold.

While those are the current scope of products and services on our Platform, we’re focused on working with the community to help grow our platform, as described in our roadmap in our Whitepaper. We are taking feedback and are always looking for ideas from our community where anyone is encouraged to participate.

The Benefits of Ethereum & Blockchain

Unikrn raised $10M USD nearly three years ago from some top tier VCs and investors. Our company is revenue positive and we have at least three years of runway if we continue to run our business status quo. In other words, we’re not doing a token sale to raise money — we’re enhancing our core business by monetizing a token we created nearly two years ago so we can significantly expand our platform.

We chose to turn Unikoins into an Ethereum Token so we could expand our business more efficiently. With UnikoinGold on blockchain, we’ll be streamlining the transactions in our business, creating a more efficient process that previously involved multiple banks, currencies and countries.

Traditional banking products can actually make it harder to manage appropriate AML processes, as opposed to our crypto platform where we can track all transactions on a public ledger. Because of this, we fundamentally believe that blockchain technologies will displace traditional banking practices in our business over time.

As a highly regulated business we also have world class risk management, AML, and KYC systems in place, Unikrn will be the first blockchain company to implement real KYC systems to our crypto platform.

To us, one of the most formative shifts enabled through blockchain and token-technology is the move from a centralized model of administration to a distributed and decentralized model of interaction among peers and participants. However, working with regulators allows us to legally expand in multiple markets — and remain in those markets — while protecting our community and our business.

UnikoinGold was designed and intended for use by our own esports community members, but can also be purchased more broadly by everyday esports fans and enthusiasts. For a good view of our business visit our news site. It’s like ESPN meets Esports meets Las Vegas. Needless to say we have fun doing what we do.

It’s important to us that we work with the community to build a healthy ecosystem for UnikoinGold. Through our risk management we can create stability in the token and grow features and more utility over time. We aren’t looking to cater to speculators here, don’t think of UnikoinGold as an investment — it’s a purchase of our token that can be used on our platform and beyond. If you love esports and video games then this might be the product for you.

So if you’re interested in learning about the tokenization of esports, check out our whitepaper and if it makes sense, register to participate in our token sale at UnikoinGold. We will also be hosting an AMA on our Youtube Channel on August 29th, at 8:30 AM PST or 5:30 PM CET. You will be able to ask questions live on Youtube or on our Discord Community.

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