Happy New Year! AND BITTREX!!!

Happy New Year, Unikrn fans. We’re ending 2017 with an announcement we’ve been working on for a long time: UnikoinGold is officially joining Bittrex, the fastest and most secure digital currency trading platform in the world.

I know our community has been eager to find ways acquire UnikoinGold, but great things take time. Unikrn is an established business with a really ***ing awesome long-term plan. Because of that, it takes time for us to find, vet and negotiate with exchanges with eyes on long-term stability, security and compliance.

This process has become increasingly complicated as ICOs flood the market, frequently with no use case, no business, no roadmap and no long-term stability. Someone from AMD once said to me “You can’t make a baby in one month with nine wives…” — that statement haunts me everyday. Exchanges that meet our standards have their own vetting to do, and this process takes time.

It’s more complicated than ever before, with potential roadblocks on all sides. We want our users to have the best experience possible acquiring and using UnikoinGold.

“We see Bittrex as a crucial incubator for the growth of the blockchain’s best technology and business models” said Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex. “Unikrn definitely fits that bill: they’re a pre-established, venture-backed business at the heart to two of the world’s fastest-growing spaces: esports and crypto-currency.”

Our diligence is paying off. Bittrex is among the most trustworthy, established exchanges in existence. Put simply, Bittrex is the best exchange on Earth — and, as such, they invest extensive time into due diligence on each and every token they list.

Starting today, that is where you’ll be able to find UnikoinGold. This means more access, more ease of use, and more users for the Unikrn platform.

I want to encourage everybody to remember to make a Unikrn Wallet so they can maximize their UKG use, and please remember to save your packing key securely. We don’t want anybody to lose their UKG — it permanently removes them from our economy — and we realize UKG is a special utility that will attract a lot of gamers and esports fans otherwise not used to crypto security.

For security reasons, nobody can recover your packing key or UKG if you lose it! Keep it safe and keep it saved!

In recent weeks, the Unikrn team has been improving our utility applications, including expanding stats tracking for CS:GO Connekt users and refining some of the systems, then doubling earned UKG in celebration of 2017. You’re still earning double for every game you play.

We also recently mentioned our pending launch with Braveno and CoinHub, it’s coming — stay tuned. The problem is not on our end; the exchanges are setting up for scale.

Putting our token on an exchange like Bittrex is a privilege, and we want to send our users to platforms we — and they — can trust. As always, we will continue to be working day and night with our global team for improvements, expansions and use cases to help meet and exceed our road map. There’s a reason our users saw UnikoinGold as the decentralized token of esports and gaming during our unprecedented sale.

Stay tuned to our Discord community and official social media as this project continues to meet goals and bring expanded utility! See you at CES!

Please feel free to share this blog and our Press Release on the Bittrex launch!

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