MAINGEAR to Create Luxury Crypto Miners with Exclusive Features & will accept UKG for their Entire Line of Systems!

That’s a heck of long headline, wasn’t sure if Medium would let me post it. You might want to sit down for this one.

Sick Sick Sick

This is an interesting Unikrn Wallet integration. While UKG is just its infancy, it’s already unparalleled in bringing esports and crypto together with real world applications, and real users.

Think about it. There’s no other esports and gaming decentralized token that you can earn by gaming, swapping for in game items, use them jackpots that enhance your gaming experience, and safely & legally bet (using UKS for now) on all the major esports matches in the world.

It’s absurd how much you can do with UKG for how young it is, and the reason is that we were prepared with years of use case, full development staff, an established company and product, and a realistic roadmap before we even announced our token sale.

Now we’re seeing major partners in this space take notice. Last week, I was excited to share that GUNNAR Optiks will be in partnership with Unikrn, accepting UKG as payment and giving their customers access to exclusive perks, such as bonus UKG for purchases.

This week, we’re excited to say we’re going one step further with our Maingear partnership. Maingear is known in the world of luxury machines as the creators of the world’s best gaming PCs and laptops and has earned numerous awards (think thousands), including the editor’s choice award by PC Mag, Best Gaming Desktop at CES 2018, and other accolades from Inc.5000, Popular Science, Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and more industry leaders. In fact, Maingear used to compete with my first born VoodooPC before we were acquired by HP.

And, yes, as of today Maingear will integrate Unikrn Wallet so they can accept UKG in exchange for any of their computers, which average in price around $3,000 sometimes sell for as much as $30,000. On top of this Maingear is releasing a co-branded Unikrn + Maingear series of mining computers known as Maingear ACM (Advanced Crypto Miner). These things aren’t just crazy looking, they will outperform any other miner on the market — It mines Ethereum and every other minable coin. There will be an app that will allow users to acquire UKG as well, with details forthcoming. All of this will generate more users for Unikrn.

With this move, Maingear is creating an experience for their users that their competitors cannot deal with. That’s one more mega partner in the bag for Unikrn and UnikoinGold. That’s one more use case drawing users to our platform and becoming exposed to the best esports and gaming experiences in the world.

In other Unikrn news, we’re sorry to say our team, BIG, was eliminated in the penultimate stage of the ELEAGUE Boston Major, but our entire company has complete faith in them to reset and recover. When they earned legend status at the prior major last year, they were underdogs and they had an almost unprecedented run against the odds.

As a betting company, we understand that sometimes the odds aren’t everything. BIG will be back.

For the rest of the major, we have a content team on site and a live analysis broadcast happening from our Berlin studio featuring SPUNJ, natu and James Banks, some of the best in the business. It’s amazing that this crew isn’t in ELEAGUE’s official broadcasts, but we’re happy to bring fans an easygoing broadcast option Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There’s always more happening here at Unikrn. We have our first ever MGM Grand Event coming up on Saturday. We have new features in development. Our Dash Radio program launches next week.

Our team is literally working 24/7 to reinvent esports, gaming and crypto. Welcome to the new future, thanks for stopping in. I can’t even imagine the excitement when we launch our live betting, oh man — I can’t wait. If you have time you’ll want to read this press release on today’s exciting news!

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