Making UnikoinGold More Accessible to Customers

I know many of our customers are eager for an easier way to acquire additional UnikoinGold, and we certainly can and will do this.

We’ve also heard the voices of fans asking us to reopen direct selling to make buying UKG easy; we cannot do this.

But we have been working with exchanges around the world to give esports, gaming and crypto enthusiasts an opportunity to easily buy UKG from reputable outlets. This process has taken an immense amount of work: it’s harder to get listed on a major exchange than it once was. That’s okay, though, we’re working hard to make UnikoinGold widely available to our customers who reside in hundreds of countries worldwide.

I promise you this work is months in the making, and we will get there. In the meantime we want to create some more opportunities for our customers to easily acquire UKG.

Today, I’m happy to bring two more exchanges into our folds: CoinHub and Braveno. Each brings uniquely valuable traits to the UKG ecosystem that we know will benefit our users, now and in the future.

CoinHub will allow our users to purchase UKG directly with FIAT currency, which is a direct response to our community asking for easier ways to exchange the token. In addition to USD, Euros and SGD, CoinHub will still allow crypto exchanges for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although CoinHub is new, they’re building a quality regulated platform which works well for our business. CoinHub is available to users in the Middle East and Europe. CoinHub will come online with UnikoinGold within the next 24 hours.

Braveno is an exchange built for companies and developers and should help potential platform partners utilize the Unikrn platform more easily by creating UKG liquidity. This will become increasingly important as our platform continues to grow in functions, experiences and users. Braveno should come online sometime later this week.

In a landscape where overnight fixes and seemingly instantaneous expansions appear to be the norm, there are users who purchased UnikoinGold to use on Unikrn, and these users experiences are our top priority.

I promise that we will not lose sight of the long-term goals that were themselves the fuel that gave UnikoinGold the largest token sale in esports and gaming history. We have consistently encouraged users who were interested in buying UnikoinGold to buy our token to use it on our platform. We will continue to build features that make UKG fun and engaging. The addition of these exchanges will facilitate transactions our community needs to engage with our platform and potential partners need to join us.

The fact is, we’re a business with active token applications, we are continuing to improve token uses, and we are working on building a network of highly respectable exchanges. Blockchain wasn’t built overnight. It takes immense effort to create “sudden” success.

We’ve been doing that work and we are continuing to do that work. In the meantime, we will continue to expand our platform piece by piece to give our users more use cases with a long-term view of how UnikoinGold will become the decentralized token of esports and gaming instead of a instant bubble that served “investors” over users.

To thank our loyal esports and gaming audience for helping power our success in 2017, we have a series of holiday giveaways, jackpots and extra UKG earnings from our platform planned throughout December. You will absolutely want more details.

UnikoinGold’s foundation is strong, but I’m most excited about what we’ll be building on and announcing about that foundation for the end of this year and throughout 2018. Buckle up, it’s just about to get real! There will be more exchanges coming.


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