StartupGrind & UKG Accessibility

Hi all, I wanted to write a quick update, StartupGrind posted the interview we did at their Global Event in San Francisco last month. In this interview we talked about how to run a successful ICO, dealing with regulation, general cryptocurrency trends, and of course Unikrn + UnikoinGold. Check it out above and please share!

Other appearances on the horizon;

Also, FWIW you can now buy UKG on Yobit. Although probably more exciting for us, customers can now buy UKG with Fiat Currency using Indacoin in over 100 countries! One of our biggest goals continues to be making UKG more accessible to customers, and Indacoin will accept Fiat from pretty much everywhere in the world except the USA and China. If you are a customer of Unikrn please try Indacoin and give us your feedback on our Discord Community! We’d like more feedback as we consider integrating such services directly into our product.

With that said, I can think of a hundred different startup ideas in crypto — -the biggest problems that still need solving are making crypto easier to use, easier to bank, easier to transact, and easier to access. I think a great startup would be something like Indacoin for the U.S. market. Like Coinbase, but for tokens. Who’s in?

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ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12

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