Staying Laser Focused on our Customer

We’ve been seeing waves of new users join the Unikrn platform to experience the updates we’ve put out since the end of the UnikoinGold token sale. As I watch all of our users play with UnikoinGold (UKG) and UnikoinSilver (UKS), it invigorates me.

Our roadmap has plenty coming in the days ahead, but what excites me most is the momentum we’re already building as thousands of our existing users now view Unikrn as a daily stop to check on their UKG and UKS balances and many users have activated new Unikrn Wallets and deposited their UKG as they earn and spend the tokens as an extension of playing the games they already play.

In the future, when we open the Unikrn Wallet to other gaming platforms via an API, we expect there will be other applications for us to discover.

We have already conceptualized plenty of new ways to engage and expand our audience with the rollout of more gamification features for our platform, and we fully expect to continue discovering ideas with hard work from our team and the guiding voices of our active community of users.

I’m very excited about the future. I can’t wait to see where it will go.

While that’s amazing to watch, there’s another side to the crypto market that is taking some time for me to get used to: the speculation.

Throughout the sale, the UnikoinGold team, Unikrn’s public outreach and my own messages have been clear: UnikoinGold is a crypto token for use on our esports and video game platform, and you should buy it for use on our platform and possibly others in the future. That platform is still growing, so the uses for the token are also still growing.

I get that no matter what we say, some portion of the community is going to try to speculate on the value of any crypto asset, including our token and digital goods on the STEAM platform. Unikrn is 100% focused on catering to our users. We have consistently stated that we intend to create the best decentralized platform for esports and video games. How the token fluctuates on an exchange prior to widespread implementation is not our primary concern, and in reality it shouldn’t be.

Our primary concern is following our roadmap to create an engaging experience for our customers to use UnikoinGold. We’re well on course, already providing tournaments to win and spend UKG, Connekt which allows users to earn UKG just for playing their favorite games and jackpots which gives Unikrn users worldwide the chance to win awesome prizes in exchange for using our platform.

UKG will eventually be used to trade digital goods, bet on esports, engage in real-time and skill-based betting, buy-in to esports tournaments, and engage with some really cool gamification ideas that our teams are working hard to polish and launch.

I find it notable that we actually don’t have competitors in the esports/betting/gaming crypto space. This is because, unless you can show me otherwise, nobody has created working uses for their tokens yet. That also showed in UnikoinGold’s historic crowdsale which made it the most-purchased token in esports and gaming history.

For all of these other tokens, a community is speculating on the value of tokens that can’t even be used. That seems completely backwards on so many levels. If users aren’t able to use the token for its intended use, then the “value” of token is zero, right?

Any token without usage is the embodiment of why traditional finance and investment minds warn about crypto tokens, it’s why regulators are cracking down on this space and how so many would-be members of the crypto community get scammed with bullshit ICOs and stop trusting the space forever. It does irreparable damage to crypto’s reputation and damages the whole.

Without real utility, all value for a token comes from pure speculation. The bottom line is when people are trading tokens with no real demand or use case all I see are bubbles and pain, and eventually a bunch of zombie tokens.

So yeah, you won’t see us make a PR blitz about nothing, that’s the last thing a responsible CEO should do. In 3 years Unikrn has become the benchmark to beat in high stakes esports, we’re here to build a fantastic company — and while our competitors are scrambling to launch *anything* other than a token — we’ll continue to launch products and win the hearts and minds of our partners and fan base. We’ll have much more to talk about soon.

Thanks for reading, there’s plenty more to come, if you have suggestions on the Unikrn platform please visit us on our Discord Community.

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