This is such a great video from Hasan Minhaj. While the title is clickbait, it’s a great video/explainer on Cricket. Regardless of your interest in sports, everyone should watch this…

I think what people need to understand is this;

1/ the IPL (India Premier League) completely changed Cricket and gave it the rocketfuel it needed to grow globally, massively.

2/ over 1 billion players watched India and Pakistan play in the world cup, that’s 9x the Superbowl.

3/ They say in Sri Lanka Cricket is only second to religion. In fact, Sri Lanka has arguably the 3rd largest fanbase for Cricket on earth, yet they never had their own league up until very recently!

4/ Sri Lanka recently launched the LPL (Lanka Premier League), and there are 5 new teams, many of them made up of players from around the world. Literally all 5 franchises sold out within minutes, now celebrities are actively looking to get involved.

5/ One of those teams is the Jaffna Stallions. Jaffna is a city with a rich history and is situated on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. When presented with the opportunity I jumped at the chance to participate, and we’re now part owners of this team. We got some amazing players on the Stallions including Shoib Malik, a legendary player from Pakistan (he’s also married to the tennis star Sania Mizra).

Later today the new identity for the Jaffna Stallions will launch, and their first game is coming soon! The team is practicing now, along with the other teams. Because of COVID they are creating a bubble for the teams to run without fans in the first season, it starts in December.

This should be fun to watch, I’m hoping one day to incorporate Unikrn somehow into this — — we’ll see. With humble beginnings, and a global fanbase, I’m certain the Jaffna Stallions and the LPL will inspire millions of new fans to watch Cricket. I’m looking forward to the first few games, they’ll be broadcast on Sky

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