UKG in Korea: UPBIT Ya’ll!

Earlier this week, Unikrn announced our listing on Bittrex. Today, UnikoinGold is forging forward with an UPbit listing. UPbit is the largest exchange in South Korea, among the top four exchanges in the world, and works with Bittrex and Kakaotalk.

UPbit has the potential for direct links to traditional banking systems in Korea, and will help create additional liquidity and ease-of-use for our users and enthusiasts. They also have some of the best compliance and security systems, making them a perfect exchange for Unikrn customers to acquire UKG.

Esports in South Korea is beyond huge. The South Korean esports market is arguably the birthplace of what we’d consider modern esports, and it is the sixth largest gaming market in the world with 25.6 million players in 2017. League of Legends is particularly huge, as is Starcraft, and esports athletes have long been treated with the same reverence as traditional celebrities.

A large portion of our traffic is from Korea, so Korean access to UnikoinGold, UnikoinSilver, and the Unikrn platform is a priority. Our fans are global, and so we must be global as well.

Our quest for strong, proper, well-vetted exchanges is not over, but our focus will continue to be our users and product. UnikoinGold is about to become the fuel behind the largest revolution in gaming and esports since the impact of gaming PCs began pulling casual gamers out of living rooms and into stadiums.

That said, exchanges are not Unikrn’s focus: our focus is, and always has been, our users and the platform they love.

With UKG’s progress into exchanges, we’re continuing our focus on our platform. The only tokens we distribute now are not for purchase, but for earning. Our focus is a strong product. We’ll continue to improve utility and features and let our users suggest new ideas for UKG.

There was a short period after our sale where users wanted UnikoinGold and had trouble getting it. That is past, and it was caused by careful research and due diligence by responsible exchanges working with us, an established company.

This week, UnikoinGold has done more than aggressively expanded access in Asia with its opening on OKex and UPbit. Our listing on CoinHub was delayed due to volume implementation issues, but it has now gone through, and we opened the new year with Bittrex.

Access and liquidity are demonstrable, and as our platform and usership grows, so will partners’ interest in accessing this too-long ignored demographic. Non endemic brands such as BMW, Nestle, FedEx, Burger King are all examples of companies that began pushing their way into esports and gaming over the last year.

We’re the face of video game tournaments at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We’re the heart of the most popular CS:GO team in Germany. UnikoinGold is now becoming the hands of esports and gaming in the crypto world, and we’ve made throughlines across Asia, in Europe and North America with some of the world’s largest exchanges.

We launched UKG with platform functionality, and the Unikrn team is working hard to bring you more ways to engage with esports and the world of gaming. Look forward to expansions in both our betting and non-betting experiences, partnerships and a continually improved platform.

In short, UnikoinGold is poised to be the single most central decentralized token in this shift to esports and gaming culture.

Details on our first January MGM tournament will be coming out soon, with public events coming in February. In addition, our CS:GO team BIG is preparing to face down their return to the majors, so wish them luck. Our New Year’s celebrations are coming to a close as well, so don’t miss your chance to win awesome prizes from Hoerluchs, BIG, Lioncast, noblechairs,in-game skins and currently over 500 UKG across over a dozen bonus pools.

I’ve said Happy New Year too many times to say it again, so I’ll just say: look out, UnikoinGold is coming. We’ll be at CES with Maingear, one of our partner companies — we’re hosting a private “Gaming After Dark” event at the Unikrn House in Las Vegas that week. If you feel you need to meet with us at CES, find me on Twitter and let me know why — space is limited, but if I can make it happen, I most certainly will.

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12