UnikoinGold Added to Specialty Exchange LUPEX

The mission of UnikoinGold has always been to create a single crypto to create seamless utility for gaming, esports and betting. This year, we’ve noticed an uptick in the demand for these kind of experience, both on and off Unikrn.

Case in point: LUPEX. Spawn in 2019, LUPEX is an exchange built with gamification in mind, they’re excited about rewarding crypto the way Unikrn rewards gaming with Unikrn Connekt.

It made sense to everybody on both sides to put our compatible missions together, and I’m extremely pleased to say LUPEX is adding UnikoinGold to multiple markets for fans who want to level up their gaming.

Once purchased at LUPEX or any of the several exchange which list UnikoinGold, the process is the same: transfer UKG to your Unikrn wallet for use or storage. Remember not to leave any crypto in an exchange for long.

I’ve always wanted to make sure UnikoinGold stays accessible because many of Unikrn’s members don’t use crypto outside of their Unikrn experiences. Finding exchanges that make loading up and cashing out easy is key for improving our fan experience.

We have a lot more coming out this summer to help revolutionize the ease of use for crypto in the wagering space, as well as unprecedented experiences in the gaming space which are accessible with cash or crypto for any gaming-minded enthusiast. Expect to see Unikrn and UnikoinGold a lot in the coming months, some of our private work is coming to fruition.

The end of this summer, Unikrn will be turning a corner in very exciting ways.

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12

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