UnikoinGold + UnikoinSilver new features live…!

The most successful esports and gaming token crowdsale in history was conceived when our investor, Mark Cuban, encouraged us to look into the blockchain and how it could revolutionize our industry, operations and user experience.

The token came to term over four weeks in October — and the years of research and use cases quietly built by our unparalleled team — and labor began. The crowdsale batch raised more than 112,000 ETH, and over 127,000,000 tokens were delivered last week.

But today is the day the future decentralized token of all esports and gaming is really given birth and brought into the world fully-fledged. Today, I’m proud to say Unikrn has officially accomplished something rare: we’ve created a completely new thing in the world, made of pieces from the past and looking toward the future.

Why today? Today is when we are launching the first of many upgrades to our platform, including the Unikrn Wallet, prize system renovations and users’ ability to farm UnikoinGold simply by playing the world’s biggest competitive games.

That’s right, we are harnessing the love of gaming as proof of work, and releasing tokens based on that proof. This is on top of our ongoing partnership with ChallengeMe.GG to offer regular UnikoinGold tournaments, which began even before the first tokens were delivered just days after our token sale concluded.

We’ve been moving fast. Here’s where we are:

Unikrn Wallet

Today we welcome our most exciting new feature, the Unikrn (hot) Wallet. I’ve discussed some of the theory behind this before, but the short version is that Unikrn Wallet will allow use of our token on all partner platforms, beginning with our own, for hyper-fast, unequivocally secure, entropy-free, high-volume transactions.

Unikrn Wallet is a free hot wallet. It is safe. It is fast. And it is the key to everything yet to come. By signing up for Unikrn Wallet today, you’re unlocking your ability to use our new features, including earning UKG by playing games and entering to win major prizes (including skins, Blizzbucks and UKG). Even though Unikrn Wallet is safe, since it’s a hot wallet you should always keep your large storages of UnikoinGold offline on a hardware wallet or other similar mechanics.

Connekt Upgrades for Gold

Our already-existing Unikrn Connekt product has been outfitted as our proof-of-work, allowing anybody in the world to earn UnikoinGold by playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Dota 2, or League of Legends, with more games coming soon. You can sign up in a few clicks and you check back regularly to see your progress; you’ll earn UKG for every ranked win (with a max per-day account to prevent abuse).

Jackpots are Bigger, Better Raffles

We’ve renovated our prize system so with three goals in mind:

  1. Max out value to the users
  2. Incorporate UnikoinGold without preventing free-to-play UnikoinSilver (UKS) users from participating
  3. Maintain a balanced economy

We’ve done this by retiring raffles and beginning jackpots. With jackpots, there are chances for UKS-only prizes, UKS and UKG mixed prizes (in which UKG users have a transparent advantage and the chance to win additional UKG), and UKG-only prizes.

In order to make sure we have the appropriate cache of prizes, we’re also continuing our skins-for-UKG exchange, so be sure to send us anything you don’t want. It’s the easiest way to get UKG now that the crowdsale is over. Get more from your skins and send them our way.

Baby Steps

Even these steps are groundbreaking for the merger of crypto, esports and gaming, bringing together the arenas like never before. But you know Unikrn: our ambition never sleeps. Just as today’s historic moves are a birth, they are also going to look like baby steps compared to what is yet to come.

We’re committed to bringing complete gamification of our site, giving more ways to earn and more prizes to win. We’re committed to bringing in more titles, live betting, skill-based betting, a PVP platform, live stats and readouts for over 4500 esports matches, continued expansion of our rapidly growing custom content with UKG tie-ins, and a European rollout for which we’ve already secured our license.

And that’s just the stuff we can already tell you about today, just eight days after token delivery.

I’m grateful that you’ve joined us, and I’m happy we can reward you so many awesome and early ways to earn, play and win. It’s just going to get better from here.

Check out our website’s announcement for greater details on today’s offerings, our YouTube page for full tutorials on using our new features, or the links scattered throughout for more on anything specific.

I can’t wait to share what’s next!

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