Unikrn has seen big launches, but today is our biggest launch since 2014.

I’m so excited to announce that we have been granted an Isle of Man license with regulatory approval for both crypto & real money betting that will span across 3 continents, and we are proud to announce that we have ready-to-launch product that wildly surpasses anything yet existing in esports and sports betting or in online gambling.

Beginning rollout today, we are launching the world’s first and only blockchain-based live wagering backend with regulated real-money and crypto betting. This includes:

  • Live Spectator Betting: Regulated UnikoinGold crypto and real money betting on esports in much of Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Our esportsbook includes the most markets, most game titles, and live betting. We have the most comprehensive sportsbook for esports on earth.
  • Skill Betting: UnikoinGold exclusive bet on yourself in League of Legends, Dota 2 and Fortnite, with many more titles coming in all markets above plus most of the United States.

We are on a different planet from everybody else.

With our new Isle of Man license, Unikrn is now Earth’s first regulated operator to offer live esports betting for both fiat and crypto, and UnikoinGold is the crypto token powering this revolution. We’re also launching our player-vs-house skill-based betting platform which lets players instantly back themselves in games of Dota 2, League of Legends and Fortnite (with other titles coming soon).

To make it easy, UnikoinGold bettors will soon enjoy unprecedented ease of use and ease of acquisition of UKG tokens, with a Bittrex-powered transaction engine API to make acquiring UKG as simple as buying with a credit card and depositing directly into your Unikrn wallet.

The Isle of Man license gives us access to a segment of the global games market that exceeds $30 billion, and we’re giving more ways for fans to enjoy gaming and esports, more options for how and on what to wager.

This is an astounding accomplishment by our teams which have assembled an unprecedented product and obtain regulatory approval which will allow us to expand across Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Oh, and our launch-ready platform is the first blockchain-based wagering backend to process real-time crypto bets. We call this wagering backend Unikrn Jet. It’s the first of its kind and can power over 9000 bets per second with cutting edge blockchain-powered security.

Jet has been live for a while and surpassed all regulatory requirements with flying colors. Our platform is singular in the world.

This singular engine for crypto betting has already been live for UnikoinSilver bets for months and can be immediately rolled out for regulated crypto and fiat betting. We still use UKS to test new features, markets and platform uses, and you may have missed the tons of experiments we’ve been doing.

For example, we had live UFC betting with UKS earlier this month because we believe with our world-class platform, bettors with varying interests deserve a chance to try us out.

We were blown away by the response we had on the UFC fight, our customers loved it! There will likely be more to come in our outreach to betting communities who could benefit from our unique merger of blockchain and online betting.

We had approval locked up by the end of the summer, but Unikrn is now and has always been a company focused on results first. We’re not all talk. We don’t exaggerate. While other operators may be excited about prospect, we’re excited about product.

This is world-changing for online betting, and (as expected) UnikoinGold is leading the charge. Soon, you’ll see live betting breakthroughs, skill-based betting opportunities in esports and gaming, and news ways to use betting to strengthen gaming communities and economies.

And we’re doing it with amazing partners, including Bittrex-powered token tools to make the process of getting and using UKG so simple anybody can do it right on our site.

All of this is only the beginning for our upcoming reveals.

In short, if you’re an esports fan, it may be time to pick up some UnikoinGold and prepare to place a few bets of your own. Unikrn will change the way you see the game.

So yeah, we’re far and away ahead of the market — this is years in the making, and this is why we’ve been really quiet lately. To our fans and customers, thank you for believing in us, now it’s time to get this business to scale!

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12