Unikrn named “Esports Operator of the Year” by EGR Global

This is incredible. Unikrn was founded in 2014, but 2019 is our first year operating with our own IOM license. To be named the esports operator of the year so fast just goes to show what good planning, innovative thinking and an exceptional global team can do.

Why is Unikrn better than the rest? It’s simple: it’s our culture, it’s our people, it’s our ingenuity. Unikrn is building more than a wagering operator; Unikrn is building a lifestyle brand. From shopping to betting to watching to gaming, there’s something at Unikrn for any gamer.

That single-minded devotion to our community is how we created an operator of the year quality destination. There’s a betting experience available for just about every taste.

In 2019, Unikrn launched several UMode options, skill betting on normal matchmaking games in Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite and now Starcraft II, CS:GO, Halo 5, in-house FPS training programs and more.

This year we also launched the world’s first 24/7/365 virtual esports experience, featuring exclusive matches from some of the world’s best competitive gamers.

Unikrn is the home to the best esports odds with the most available markets.

We have patent-pending technologies underpinning our experiences, and AI-driven streamer betting for Fortnite and Apex Legends, letting fans win in real time along with the biggest names in gaming.

Making so much so fast is draining, but we have a team singularly devoted to excellence from conception. We’re always moving, ahead of the curve, and we’re very honored to have our excellence recognized by the EGR Awards.

Thanks to the awards, our partners, our investors, our leadership, but most importantly to our inspiring global team and our dedicated global fanbase.

We’re coming for a repeat in 2020!

ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12

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