Unikrn Update from Las Vegas

The UnikoinGold team, and other members of Unikrn, are regularly asked for updates about the future in DMs, support tickets, emails, Tweets, crypto forums, and in our Discord channel.

The answer is always the same: If we haven’t announced something, it’s because it’s not ready to announce. We take our responsibility of transparency to the community seriously.

It’s why we have a public contract. It’s why I have this blog. And now it’s why we’ve started the first bit of content from our new Las Vegas Studio, our UKG Cryptocast, a regular conversation between the people of Unikrn and the crypto community.

Expect us to have regular, candid conversations about the crypto space and our role in it, with regular discussions about our product development and how it impacts UnikoinGold’s use cases, users and future. We’ll soon introduce video, and interview some of the interesting personalities who flow through Las Vegas during the year.

This episode, we largely discussed our MGM Grand deal and the upcoming tournaments slated there, some of our recent exchange developments and some general talking crypto shop. We plan to release much more crypto-related content, especially as UnikoinGold continues to convert large amounts of esports and gaming fans into crypto enthusiasts. We will also continue the production of esports content, our studio in Las Vegas will focus on interviews with some of the hottest names in esports.

Technical Update

Part of our transparency is also ensuring the community knows what is happening with the platform itself. Recently, the UnikoinGold team cycled the deposit address for UKG due to technical security requirements in the build.

The new address will be texted out to affected users, a policy we will continue for users whose addresses change in the future. You can always check your deposit address on https://unikoingold.com/wallet/deposit/. You should always, always, always check before depositing!

Check that addresses and information are from official channels, that they are up-to-date and that they are trustworthy. Ask for clarification if you need it from support@unikoingold.com or on our Discord channel, and only trust information from official sources.

This is true not only for UKG, but for any crypto token, currency or asset. Also, always write down and safely store your packing key as it cannot be recovered if lost.

When UKG is lost, in reduces the amount in our economy, which we do not want. Nobody wins when UKG is permanently locked out of circulation, and we are taking all reasonable steps to make the Unikrn Wallet as well as UKG liquidity as safe and accessible as it possibly can be.

Unikrn Las Vegas CES Update

Last night we hosted our first party at the Unikrn offices in Las Vegas with our partner company Maingear. We were excited to expose some tech-savvy journalists and industry leaders to a deeper familiarity with esports and UnikoinGold. It seems like everyone wants to partner with us in our competitive gaming area. We also welcomed some big names in sports, esports, crypto, and the casino business. It was cool seeing Floyd Mayweather attend!

Team BIG

We’re also very excited for our CS:GO team, BIG, to be attending one of the biggest esports events of the year as a defending legend. We know they’ll make us proud, and we know they have big plans for the future. Be sure to cheer them on, pick up their stickers if you’re a fan and stay tuned for more opportunities to win gear to support them!

BIG is the biggest team in Germany, and we’re looking forward to our European rollout this year so fans can also show their enthusiasm with real-money bets!

We’ll have coverage of the major on news.unikrn.com and our YouTube channel from our crack journalists, writers and video teams. That starts tomorrow with a blowout preview of the major’s first stage, on our Twitch channel tomorrow at 7PM CET/1PM EST/10AM PST.

Tune in and get your esports on! I’ll see you in the next cryptocast. Also just in: GUNNAR Optiks to integrate Unikrn Wallet Blockchain API!

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